The Forensic Analytical Service Laboratories

Relec Switchboards Project

The Forensic Analytical Science Service laboratories at Lidcome required a like for like replacement of the existing Main Switchboard and Main Distribution board to update the facility and cater for any future expansion.

Installation of the existing boards where carried out in the late 60s and struck a personal note for Relec sales manager Ray Cook who was involved in the original project as a young apprentice.

The scope was simple but the process required carefull consideration as the existing lead paper insulated cables and MIMS were to be retained. Relec was able to use the flexibility of the Modular system to design the board around existing cable lengths and positions. Simply through design we were able to minimise and in some areas eliminate the need to move and re-terminate the existing cables and in turn drastically reduced the length of the shutdown required to install the new switchboards.

The use of the Relec modular system allowed us to offer our customer a solution that more than superseded the existing infrastructure. The end result was an absolute minimum of disruption to the F.A.S.S facility combined with substantial savings on the cost of the manufacture and installation of the new switchboards. All parties involved with the upgrade project were more than happy with the outcome and the facility can now continue to fulfil a vital role for the New South Wales Police with the added comfort of reliable power distribution.

Forensic Laboratories Switchboard Project

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