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Through innovation and persistence, Relec Switchboards has developed a unique Australian designed modular switchboard system, Vector™.

Our system has continually been developed for over a decade and we haven’t stopped. The implementation of AS/NZS:61439 series of standards has provided challenges for switchboard manufacturers in relation to design verification.

At Relec Switchboards we have met this challenge head on as we continue to test multiple different brands of equipment in multiple configurations and different IP rated enclosures.

Our unique system is suited to Main Switchboards, Generator Switchboards, Main Distribution Board’s, Motor Control Centres, Control Panels, stand-alone Service Protection Devices & many more applications. The system is adaptable to achieve Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, Form 4 and various derivatives. Our Vector™ system provides Relec Switchboards with the flexibility to provide tailored power distribution switchboard systems.

Relec Switchboards
Relec Switchboards

High quality and cost effective, our system allows us to develop a switchboard that can adapt to your needs, efficient use of space, standard compartment designs that can be assembled in multiple configurations, we ensure you will always have the best outcome with compliance to the current standards.

Relec Switchboards has also adapted the Vector™ system into welded construction outdoor switchboards with IP54 & IP56 ratings. Relec switchboards can provide you with mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium custom welded enclosures to suit your application powdercoated to the colour of your choice or unpainted.

Relec Switchboards can also manufacture outdoor 100A whole current metered stainless steel or aluminum main switchboards incorporating meter panels and distribution sections for street lighting, RMS lighting, sports lighting, playing fields, parks & community spaces.

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